Passionfruit-Panela Syrup

A recipe by Trash Tiki that uses the seedy pulp left after straining out the passionfruit juice to make a flavorful syrup.

Passionfruit Panela Syrup


  • Blender
  • Small Cambro or Bowl
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Kitchen scale
  • Strainer or chinois


  • 8 gulupas (small passionfruits)
  • 200g panela (we picked a golden, slightly less caramelized panela up at Paloquemao. In the US, you can sometimes find panela or piloncillo at Latinx grocery stores, or brown sugar would be sort-of close. Jaggery is also similar.)


Cut the passionfruits in half and use the spoon to scoop the insides into the blender.

Blend ’em up real good and strain, reserving the seedy pulp left in the strainer. Set aside the juice for the Gulupa Gummies.

Break the 200g of panela into small pieces, add to the pulp, and leave overnight.

Add 200g hot water the next day, mix until panela dissolves, and then strain.

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