Gulupa Gummies

I just like to say gulupa. Gulupa upa upitiii dooo …

I love agar agar for two reasons: it stays set at room temperature, unlike gelatin, and it’s veggie! But it’s a little finicky.

A few notes:
– With acidic ingredients like passionfruit juice, more agar is required to set the gel, so this recipe has a higher proportion of agar agar. If you are not using an acidic element, you will need less agar. One rule of thumb is .9g/100ml in non-acidic solutions and 1.3g/100ml in acidic solutions, but it will vary depending on how firm you want your gummies.
– Agar agar has problems setting in the presence of oil or grease, so you want to make sure your mold is squeaky clean.

Gulupa Gummies

  • Stove or hotplate
  • Pan
  • Some kind of mold (we used rectangular plastic Tupperware and cut them into smaller squares after the gummies set)
  • Kitchen scale



Heat the sugar and water together in a pan to make a quick simple syrup. When boiling, add the agar agar and let boil 3-5 min or until it starts to gel when you dip a spoon into it. Add the gulupa juice and pour into a mold. Put in the fridge to set and cool.

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