Trash Tiki’s Gulupa Cocktail

I had the pleasure of hosting Trash Tiki in our bar at Segundo this past week and thought it was as good a chance as any to crack open the proverbial champagne for this BBB (Bogotá Bartending Blog). I’d like to share the “Gulupa” cocktail recipe from the pop-up but first a bit about the concept of Trash Tiki.

Trash Tiki uses ingredients that are normally thrown out (such as rinds, peels and seeds) as integral parts of their cocktail making process and they try to use every ingredient more than once. For this cocktail, they combined the seedy passionfruit pulp left after straining the passionfruit juice with panela to make a syrup. The cocktail also uses their signature “Lime Stock”, which takes lime husks left after juicing and boils them with water, acid and sugar to make a substitute for fresh lime juice. They call these ingredients “second use”.

One tip I got from watching them bartend is that the flavor of most second-use ingredients is lighter and more delicate, so cocktails with these ingredients aren’t always the best candidates for shaking. All of the cocktails for the event were stirred or built in glass.

Colombia has various types of passionfruit (yes, it’s awesome to live here) and the gulupas featured in this recipe are the smaller, purple variety.

Gulupa (Passionfruit) Cocktail

45ml | 1.5 oz Tequila Olmeca Altos Reposado
15ml | .5 oz La Hechicera Rum
10ml | 2 tsp Gulupa (Passionfruit) Panela Syrup
5ml | 1 tsp Lime Stock
5ml | 1 tsp Mace Syrup
1 dash Angostura
1 dash absinthe or pastis

Measure all ingredients into a mixing vessel of some kind and give a short stir to mix ‘n’ chill. Strain into a rocks glass or Tiki-ish vessel w a big cube (awesome custom mugs pictured from Bogotá ceramicists Tybso).

Garnish: Centaurea (edible flower) from my friends at Terra Santa, grated nutmeg, and a delicious Gulupa Gummy

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