Mace, sugar and bottle of mace syrup

Mace Syrup

So nutmeg is a seed and mace is the aril, or extra seed covering, that surrounds the nutmeg when it is still inside the fruit. It has a flavor similar to nutmeg, but more delicate and vegetal. In Bogotá, you can find mace at Granel, one of my favorite shops for spices and other bulk ingredients.

I created this syrup for the Joselito cocktail, which has aged rum, lime, mace and a oloroso sherry float, and is featured on our cocktail menu at Segundo.

Mace Syrup


  • Cambro or other mixing container
  • Kitchen scale
  • Pan with lid (optional)
  • Strainer


  • 500g turbinado sugar, demerara sugar, raw sugar or light brown sugar in a pinch
  • 500g hot water
  • 25g mace


Mix together the hot water, mace and sugar until the sugar dissolves.
Leave the mace in the syrup overnight and strain.
Alternatively, you can heat the syrup covered over low heat for 1 hour and then strain.

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